Sananga - Tabernaemontana Undulata

Sananga - Tabernaemontana Undulata

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Sananga  - Tabernaemontana Undulata - Eye Drops 10 ml

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KEEP Sananga in a cool place! 

Sananga is the juice extracted from the roots of an Amazonian plant, whose indigenous name is Mata Heins, a name that comes from the Huni Kuin dialect, spoken by the Kaxinawas. It is a bush tree from the amazon region, utilized by the Kaxinawa Indians and other tribes.

From inside its roots, a juice is extracted, which is utilized to cure the Panemas (spiritual diseases) according to the tribes.

Its active principle is Ibogaine, a powerful substance which if ingested will take the tribes person to a state of deep trance to get in touch with spirit world.

In traditional medicine however, Sananga is utilized as an healing eye drop.

The warrior Indians, before going hunting, will take a drop in each eye, making their perception sharpened, so they can perceive subtle movements in the dense forest.

The Kaxinawa explain that Sananga works in two main energetic healing ways: Physical and Spiritual.

It is believed that the “Spirit of Sananga”; the energy, the intelligence, that analog to the active principle of this powerful plant, acts directly in the original cause of the disease, in the so-called psychosomatic processes.


Never use Sananga with eye diseases such as detached retina, cataracts and other eye diseases! Sananga is not recommended in combination with medication aimed at the eyes.


Sananga is an indigenous remedy and does not replace Western treatment methods. In case of complaints or doubts about your health, always consult your treating physician or other medical specialist.

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