Mexican tarragon - Tagetes lucida

Mexican tarragon - Tagetes lucida

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Mexican tarragon - Tagetes lucida - 20Grams Herbs

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The Aztecs used Tagetes lucida, sometimes known as Mexican tarragon, in their incense rites in the Sierra Madre mountains of Mexico. It is still used in ceremonies by the Huichol Indians to induce visions when combined with Nicotiana rustica.

It tastes sweet and has a very faint anise flavor. It is consumed as a tea in Mexico to soothe the stomach, release stress, and lessen hangover symptoms.


The dose and psychotropic characteristics are not well understood. to be brewed as tea or used in cooking as a spice. One spoonful of tea should be steeped in boiling water for ten minutes or so, strained, and then sipped.

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